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1908 - Today


The Early Years.

Duncan Hines is born in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
As an adult, he becomes a traveling salesman and
eats in restaurants across America. This is before
the interstate highway system and most chain
restaurants. He runs across great, and truly
unforgettable meals.

Duncan Hines (portrait)
Duncan Hines

Adventures in Good Eating.

At 55, Hines and his wife Clara send a list of 167
recommended establishments to their friends as a
Christmas present. Hines self-publishes
"Adventures in Good Eating," an expanded list of
recommended restaurants. It becomes so popular
he publishes a guide to the best hotels and motels.

Duncan Hines & Clara
Duncan Hines & Clara
Duncan Hines Books: Adventures in Good Eating & Duncan Hines' Food Odyssey

Recommended by Duncan Hines.

After being featured in the Saturday Evening Post,
Hines' popularity grows. Soon most Americans have
both food and lodging books in their cars for quick
reference. "Recommended by Duncan Hines"
becomes a nationally-recognized seal of approval.

Recommended by Duncan Hines sign

Business Booming.

Hines and Roy Park form Hines-Park Foods, Inc.
with the purpose of bringing high-quality foods to
the American household. They produce over 250
canned, bottled and boxed products featuring the
Duncan Hines label.

Duncan Hines and Clara with Roy Park (second image). Duncan Hines Ice Cream (first image)
Duncan Hines and Clara
with Roy Park
Duncan Hines recommended matchbooks and lodging

The Cake Era.

Hines-Park Foods merges with Procter & Gamble.
Within a short time, Duncan Hines introduces cake
mixes, which are marketed nationwide along with
other items under the brand name.

Duncan Hines cakes in stores.
Duncan Hines Cakes in stores.
Duncan Hines advertisments shown in magazines

The Duncan Hines

Hines dies just before his 79th birthday. Pinnacle
Foods Corporation acquires the Duncan Hines
brand in 2004. With a relentless commitment to
quality, every product and recipe is developed in
celebration of Duncan Hines' inventive spirit and
passion for baking.

Duncan Hines Product Family
Duncan Hines portrait
Duncan Hines portrait.
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Today, the Duncan Hines product line offers over 80
different sweet baked-good mixes ranging from cakes
and brownies to muffins and cookies, as well as ready-to-
spread frosting and ready-to-bake brownies.

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Images courtesy of the Kentucky Library and Museum, WKU